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When it comes to social media, a lot of businesses get bogged down because they spread themselves to thin and try do everything themselves. Also some social works well with some business types and less with others.

Most business will likely have a Facebook page, an Instagram account, maybe a 80% personal Pinterest and a website. You may have heard it is good to blog and that is very true but social media like the web likes consistency. If you can’t maintain don’t start.

This is the best practice of these tools, we’d recommend hiring a social media manager, who can schedule posts, write content and build followers. A good digital marketer will quickly be paying for themselves.

Facebook Page

Every business needs a Facebook page. They are a great way to give quick updates, hold events, load images and lots more. A page is built from “followers” these will be your customers or new people. To build a Facebook page the best technique is regular posts.

  • Post at least once a week.

Twitter page

Twitter is good for many businesses and needs to be remembered. You can share posts to your twitter and it will be showed to your followers. If you use a hashtag it will show up when searched for. A writer can share their article “top 5 female comedy on BBC” under #girlpower #women #fleabag twitter has a strong “follow” back culture so try follow more accounts so they add you back, retweet and like often.

  • use 2-3 hashtags per post (autofill twitter)
  • Post 4 times a day if different tweets (hootsuite free)
  • Add 100-200 followers a week. (superpower for twitter chrome extension)


Instagram is a new black in digital and it’s not hard to see why it is great for visual businesses and should be remembered as a photo sharing site. A jeweller, tattooist, florist, wedding photoghapher will do well on here. They use hashtags and your posts are seen by followers and searchers. They also have a semi-follow back culture so expect 1/4 to follow back.

  • Post daily
  • Follow 20 a day (superpowers for instagram – chrome extension)
  • mobile app, portrait video.


One of the newer socials, pinterest is organised around boards. You add pins to your boards and look at them. People do things like plan weddings visually, look at tattoos, art, comics, memes and of course jewellery, watches, clothes and more. You can register a business account easily and add pins easily. People tend to go to pinterest when planning things but this is an easy to use site and great promo.

With a business account, you can make a pin with a click of a button.

  • Pin a few times day if able but pin item only once
  • pay for ads if able.
  • use title SEO “Vintage diamond ring – Old cut – Art deco” not “ring”

Social media can be very powerful for business, but it is better to have planned SMART goals and work consistently to achieve them.