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Content marketing is a branch of Search engine optimization (SEO) which is a method of boosting your websites organic and unpaid search results. If you want your business to appear when some types “mortgage broker brighton” into google then you have to do it in one of two ways.

SEM or paid search, is just paying for the keyword. Many businesses do this and while this works well, an expert can lower the cost by making the ad more relevant and showing to more targeted buyers.

SEO is buying blogs or content and using that to gain links and views from others and boost ranking. The good thing about content vs PPC is once written a blog is yours and while it might bring in less traffic than paid search it will run until you take it down. Content marketing is however a strategy and too many copywriters think they can beat google with a blog.

  • Keyword research – find an achievable phrase.
  • Title, links and copy optimized to rank.
  • Back links to at least 5-10 other sites.
  • Share with 5 -10 social media groups.

Many SMB’s make the mistake of D.I.Y this or hiring a real copywriter not an SEO. An SEO writer is needed and ranking is the goal.