Digital Marketing

The world of 2021 is very different to what it was. We live in the world where Top Shop is being bought by ASOS and they don’t want the stores. We live in the world where 2 million people login in to You-tube a month and over 100 billion Google searches are performed every month.

For a business to do well in this modern world it needs a digital marketing plan. It needs to know what it wants to achieve and put in sustained effort to get it.

FREE Digital marketing plan

Guided by your budget, goals and time, we can plan your digital expansion. We will include social media management, content marketing, youtube and social video and PPC options. You can then hire us or try to D.I.Y but we can give one free assessment to help.

Content Marketing

Having a great SEO article can bring you traffic every day. This way you can rank in a range of terms. A pawnbroker can buy four articles for £200 pounds and rank in 4 terms of their choice.

  • Pawn your Jewellery
  • Pawnbrokers Near me
  • Pawn my Rolex
  • Pawnbrokers Online

If someone moves to your area and wants to join a Yoga studio, what are you doing to list number one in “Yoga near me”.

Social Media

Having Facebook page you never post to won’t help your business a lot. Likewise while twitter, instagram, pintrest and others, can be very effective if used well. Many small business owners are spreed thin and don’t know what they should be posting or doing to build an engaged, real community.

We offer social media management with scheduled posts and follower targets for a very low price.